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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The last week

This last week went by really quickly. We remained in Taipei and were paying close attention to the development of the light Typhoon which resulted in some heavy downpour but nothing else – not even strong wind!

Lily and I spent more time at the Mosaic workshop. I jokingly said that this month has been our “Mommy and Me Mosaic Summer Camp.” Lily met a 9-year-old Chinese boy who attends a British school and thus is fluent in English. His name is Kevin and he is extremely nice and also funny. Lily made a mosaic piece with him and the two of them worked so well together. We are going to see Over the Hedge with them today (Saturday) and then have some ice cream together.

We finally made our way up the observation deck of Taipei 101 (on the 89th floor) and spent about an hour looking at the panoramic views of Taipei city. It was quite fun.

K-TV (Karaoke) has rapidly become our favorite pastime as well. The K-TV places (lounges?) are so gigantic and so well equipped. We are thoroughly impressed.

We also spent more time with the family – had dinner at a café called the Alpen Café and sipped Herbal Tea and shared an excellent Chocolate Fondue (with really good fresh fruits and yummy flower-shaped marshmallows.)

Two of the nights we had dinner at buffet places: one is the Japanese buffet restaurant and the other is a seafood restaurant. Xin Yeh (the Japanese buffet in the department store) is much the superior, regarding both the space and the quality of the food. We had dinner with my college friend Brian and also my high school friend Daniella (Totto) there and will be having another dinner with the whole family on Sunday.

We also visited an amazing specialty store that sells nothing but Puzzles. Renoir is its name. We were quite restrained and bought two smaller puzzles to bring home.

On Friday, for lunch, Lily and I stumbled upon a traditional fire pot restaurant and ate until we’re totally stuffed: Lily was full of lamb and I was full of tofu, pork, and the Chinese sour cabbage which is its specialty. They use the traditional pot that burns coal and with a chimney in the middle. I’m pleased that Lily had the opportunity to experience what we had in our family when I was little.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mala Bay - Taichung

We went to the Water Amusement Park: Mala Bay in Taichung on Saturday, July 8th. We had a blast and didn't take pictures while we were on the water slide or water tower play thing... so, the pictures here are only for the Big Wave Pool.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yi Lan Trip

From July 3 to July 5, Jean, Lily, and I went to Yi Lan. We stayed in Forte Dong Shan (Winter Mountain) Guesthouse and spent hours strolling the streets of National Center for Traditional Art: a recreated village modeled after traditional Chinese villages. (http://www.ncfta.gov.ts)

On the afternoon of July 4th, we went to the water park along Dong Shan River and had a blast!

Here are the pictures: Yi Lan Trip.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


We spent most of this Sunday at home. We must leave home in search of bathing suits, though. So, the three girls left the apartment around 3:00 p.m. and walked around the now-developed, very stylish neighborhood of Jin Hua street. We found a cute lounge, a couple of atmospheric Chinese style eateries and tea places to explore some other time. But we didn't find bathing suit "on the street" as I had imagined!

So, another cab ride took us to Breeze Center (a department store) and there we bought one suit for Lily and one for me -- in preparation of our trip to Yi Lan and Taichung this coming week. We anticipate quite a bit of water play!

some pictures of this afternoon/evening

Taipei Summer, 1.5 Weeks

Lily has been having a lot of fun spending time with me and her aunts this summer... a lot of the time, we are just staying indoors, reading and relaxing because it is too hot outside.

We went to two movies: Cars (Pixar) and Take the Lead. Next week, we plan to see Pirates of the Caribbeans, II.

So far, we have finished four mosaic pieces. Lily has also been reading a lot. We are keeping track of the titles and will post next week about them.

Her new favorite read-aloud by me is Beverly Cleary's Beezus and Ramona and now Ramona the Pest! I tend to nod off as I read these really long chapters (30 to 40 pages) to her at bedtime and she has to keep prompting me to wake up and continue the sentences. It is kind of amusing but torturous to me, as well.

Some more pictures are posted here.